HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)

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HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)

  • Microsoft Windows MobileTM 2003 software for Pocket PC, Phone Edition
  • 3.5" Transreflective color display, 240x320 pixels, 64k color support with touch screen
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Camera and WiFi
  • International phone: Quad-band (1900, 1800, 900, 850 MHz)
  • Snap on QWERTY keyboard
Make calls, send e-mails, snap pictures, surf the Web, use familiar Microsoft desktop applications and much more. The HP iPAQ h6315 does it all, and does it virtually anywhere-from down the street to Down Under. And it's the first handheld to combine calling, Internet and blazing fast Wi-Fi all in one, shifting seamlessly to the best available network to keep you connected when you're on the go.

Price: $ 290.00

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  • JAD says:
    37 of 37 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome, yet not perfect, September 20, 2004
    JAD (United States) –

    This review is from: HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I finally got tired of always having both my pockets filled with my h1945 and Sony-Ericsson T610. I’ve been using the two of these together for a few months, and when I read a little about the h6315 it intriged me. I researched it more and finally decided to buy one. I’m already a T-Mobile customer, so it was just an extra 20$ a month to add the unlimited GPRS (Internet over the cell network). I’ve had it for about a week, and here are my thoughts.

    When researching the device, I found it impossible to find the speed of the processor. Here’s why: it’s 168mhz. You’re thinking “Good Lord, that’s slow!” — but what it really means is AMAZING battery life (I am talking unbelievable). So your first choice is between a fast PDA, or the ability to use it unrestrained for a couple days without having to charge it. The only place I’ve noticed slow performance is with video (which is nigh-unwatchable) — other than that, it’s performed fine. It was no sweat, I don’t really ever use my iPAQ for video. MP3s played fine when you keep your other activities undemanding. The biggest problem with the slow processor is lock-ups. From normal use (I’m not a super power-user, I’d bet) I had to reset the device with my stylus about 3 times a day when it would lock up.

    I focus on the speed so much as it was the biggest on-the-fence deciding factor for me when I was looking into buying the 6315. Everything else works flawlessly; The reception is good (better than my T610, that’s for sure), sound quality is good (yes, the speaker is quiet because its located on the back of the unit), the screen quality is great (Looks great using the thing at noon on a sunny day in the middle of a field), bluetooth works fine, the wi-fi is very good (with no delay for picking up networks) — So, the lockups being the only thing that bother me (and like I said — decide between speed and battery life now), I think this PDA is perfect for me. Resetting it is no problem if it locks up.

    Here goes:



    Good Reception

    Good Speaker/Mic quality for calls

    Camera alot better than my T610

    Screen Quality

    Connectivity options are amazing


    Locking Up

    Poor video playback

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  • Carolyn McKenzie "Read-a-holic" says:
    34 of 34 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So much technology is such a small package, September 30, 2004
    Carolyn McKenzie “Read-a-holic” (Wauwatosa, WI USA) –

    This review is from: HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I’ll confess, I am a gadget freak. So much so that I get teased a lot about it. When I left my Pocket PC Phone Edition (the original) on a train back in March, I practically needed rehab to function with just a Blackberry. I have been waiting for this iPAQ h6315 to come out since they first announced it, and now that I finally have mine, I am thrilled.

    I prefer this type of combination device for several reasons, not the least of which is the block recognition writing style which is easy for an old Palm user like me to adapt to. For those who prefer the QWERTY style, there’s a keyboard included in the package, how’s that for a deal? I also like just having one device clipped to my belt. I was carrying several. Now I just have this and my company issued Blackberry, which I use only for corporate email (hate it for everything else!). The camera is good for a built in–it is not designed to replace my Fuji S5000 in quality, but for fun photos on the go, it is fine! Through GPRS, I am able to web browse at dial-up speeds, which, though slow compared to WiFi, is better than nothing and lets me do what I need to do where I need to do it.

    The WiFi on this is SWEET. I run an 802.11b network at home and am a T-Mobile HotSpot user, and the instant connection I get both at home and at Starbuck’s is amazing. And the convenience of Bluetooth?? I never used my old Pocket PC as a phone, though it was built in, because I hated that darn ear bud cord dangling in my way, and hated putting the PDA to my face to talk on it. I got the Motorola Bluetooth headset, set it up in less than 5 minutes, and it is so light and comfortable I hardly notice I am wearing it! Plus the quality is so good that I can drive in my convertible with the top down and still have a conversation.

    Is this a replacement for my laptop? No, that’s not why I bought it. Does it keep me connected in every way possible using Bluetooth, GPRS, WiFi and GSM? You bet. It keeps me organized, keeps all my information in one place and keeps me amused as well. With a memory slot built in and a million software titles available to download, this is one cool tool for gadget freaks like me, who always have to have something to play with.

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  • Allen Benusa says:
    23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If you love computers, you will love this phone., April 29, 2005
    Allen Benusa (Hutchinson, Minnesota United States) –

    This review is from: HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Being a techno geek, I love this device. The HP iPAQ h6315 is a Pocket PC with the convenience of a phone built in. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 as the operating system which allows for a huge assortment of both free and for pay software to be downloaded on to it. However it also acts like a computer in that it will periodically lock up. When this happens, a soft reset is easy to perform and you can be up and running in less than a minute again.

    Things to do when buying the device:

    1. Immediately upgrade the firmware to the latest. At this time many of the units in stock still have the original buggy firmware. If you are familiar at all with computers, upgrading the firmware is relatively easy.

    2. Order yourself a 1GB Secure Digital memory card and a PC card reader. Put the card in the reader and give the SD card a volume name (this fixes a bug). Then put it in your iPAQ.

    3. When installing applications, install them to either the iPAQ File Store or the SD Storage Card. Also create a My Documents folder on the SD Storage Card and put your documents in there. Set up Pocket Internet Explorer to cache files to the SD card. Set up Pocket Outlook to save email to the SD card. The goal is to save as much as you can to the SD card or the iPAQ File Store as possible. You want to save your precious RAM for running programs.

    4. To protect your screen from scratches and to be able wipe off smudges, get yourself a good screen protector sheet. Several brands are available. Stay away from the cheap ones. You get what you pay for.

    5. Read the h6315 forum at PDAphonehome.com for answers regarding this device.


    The coolness factor. It really is a small computer. As long as you have WiFi wireless access or phone service, you have connectivity to the internet. You really can view web sites with Pocket Internet Explorer. Also you can retrieve and respond to all your email. Server admininstrators would find the Terminal Services client handy. This unit also works as a great MP3 player. If you are a VB .NET or C# .NET programmer, it is a snap to write software for this device. Oh yeah, it is a quad band GSM phone as well, so it will work overseas.


    This device is a small computer, so if computers fustrate you, then this device is not for you. It is not as fast as the latest Pocket PCs. This was done to save battery life. The other Pocket PCs will run for 3 hours on a battery charge where as this unit will work for an entire day on a charge.

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