Brocade Fiscal Q2 Revenue, Outlook Light, Hikes Dividend BRCD

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Brocade Fiscal Q2 Revenue, Outlook Light, Hikes Dividend BRCD
In February, Brocade acquired the application delivery controller business of Riverbed Technology. ADCs optimize server workloads in corporate and telecom data centers, helping speed up websites and communication networks. IBD's Computer-Networking …
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The first first-person shooter
How a group of college students made gaming history at the dawn of personal computing and computer networks. It started as an experiment. Steve Colley had just figured out how to rotate a cube on the screen when Howard Palmer suggested they could …
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Belkasoft Evidence Center 6.0 Carves Android and Windows Registry Items, Supports Visual Timeline and Drops Prices

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St. Petersburg, Russia (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Belkasoft announces a major update to its flagship forensic product, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014. The new version adds Windows Registry and Android carving, extends carving of fragmented memory sets, processes forensic disk images in multiple formats, and introduces a visual event timeline. The new Registry Viewer allows accessing damaged and corrupted Registry hives. With version 6.0, Belkasoft announces a major price drop on the two starter editions.

New in Belkasoft Evidence Center 6.0

The visual timeline presents all system and user-originated events in a single visual layout. The new timeline allows investigators to glance over suspects activities or scrutinize a particular period of time faster and without switching between multiple views.

Evidence Center 6.0 introduces carving support for Android images and backups.

Evidence Center 6.0 adds support for a range of disk image formats including VMDK, VDI, AFF, UFED, RAW, and *.000, enabling investigators analyzing images obtained from popular virtual machines and produced by disk imaging kits.

Improved Fragmented RAM Analysis

Volatile data in the computers RAM is rarely stored in contiguous fashion. Instead, information is split into chunks randomly distributed among the physical cells of computers memory. Traditional RAM analysis algorithms attempting to analyze volatile evidence struggle with memory sets.

The previous version of Belkasoft Evidence Center introduced BelkaCarving, an algorithm to reconstruct fragmented chunks into contiguous pieces of information. However, back then BelkaCarving only supported memory dumps obtained from Windows 7.

The ability to recover evidence from fragmented memory dumps with Live RAM analysis is greatly improved with enhanced BelkaCarving engine. In Evidence Center 6.0, BelkaCarving is greatly improved and extended to support memory images captured from systems running Linux x32, Android, and all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Visual Timeline

Evidence Center 6.0 introduces a new graphical view of suspects activities. The new graphical Timeline displays all discovered user activities and system events in a single chart. By using the Timeline, investigators can investigate suspects activities over a certain time period without having to switch views.

Windows Registry Carving and Viewing

Windows Registry contains a large number of forensic artifacts that can be invaluable for an investigation. Valuable evidence available in Windows Registry includes MRU of various applications (e.g. MS Office, Acrobat Reader etc.), UserAssist and application startup data, list of connected USB devices, network cards, wireless profiles and many other types of artifacts.

In version 6.0, Belkasoft Evidence Center gains the ability to carve information out of damaged, partial or fragmented Registry files, enabling access to destroyed evidence stored in deleted Registry hives.

The newly added Registry Viewer is included to allows investigators accessing Registry artifacts stored in damaged, corrupted or incomplete Registry files that cannot be opened with Windows Regedit.

Lower Prices and New Editions

With this release, Belkasoft tidies up the range and offers two new entry-level editions for a significantly lower price than ever before. With two new editions introduced, Evidence Center becomes more affordable and more feature-rich at the same time.

The entry-level edition is now priced at only 40% of the price of the previous starter edition, Forensic IM Analyzer, while inheriting all the features of the now discontinued edition. Chat & Social Analyzer has more features compared to the Forensic IM Analyzer (discontinued), offering Live RAM analysis and carving while selling for the same price as the identically priced discontinued edition. The complete product range can be reviewed at http://belkasoft.com/bec/en/Whats_New_In_Version_6.0

About Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014

Belkasoft Evidence Center is the companys flagship computer forensic tool enabling security experts and forensic specialists collect and analyze more digital evidence than ever. Belkasoft Evidence Center can automatically locate, process and analyze volatile evidence stored in the computers RAM, identify encrypted files, carve Internet chat logs, Web browsing history and email communications including information stored in digital pictures and videos. The ability to process office documents in a wide range of formats enables investigators to perform near-instant full-text search among all the documents discovered on the suspects PC.

Low-level access to hard disk and system structures means that even data thats been deleted by the suspect cannot escape from investigators. Supporting Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac OS X file systems and natively mounting images created in EnCase, DD and SMART formats, FTK images and many popular virtual machines without using these or any third-party tools, Belkasoft Evidence Center can collect more evidence than any single competing tool in its class.

Pricing and Availability

Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014 is available immediately. Pricing for Evidence Center Chat Analyzer edition starts from $ 199.95, while the Ultimate edition is available from $ 1099.95. There are two editions in between.

About Belkasoft

Founded in 2002, Belkasoft is a computer forensic software vendor. Belkasoft products back the companys “Forensics made easier” slogan, offering IT security experts and forensic investigators solutions that work right out of the box, without requiring a steep learning curve or any specific skills to operate.

Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014 is a world renowned tool used by thousands of customers for conducting forensic investigations, as well as for law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security applications. Belkasoft customers include government and private organizations in more than 40 countries, including the FBI, US Army, DHS, police departments in Germany, Norway, Australia and New Zealand, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young.

More information about the company and its products at http://belkasoft.com

# # #

Information on Belkasoft Evidence Center as well as the free demo download are available at http://belkasoft.com/trial

The complete list of additions and enhancements in version 6.0 is available at http://belkasoft.com/bec/en/Whats_New_In_Version_6.0

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Latest LCD Screens auctions

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LCD screens eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

OEM Original White Touch Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly for iPhone 6 Replacement

End Date: Monday Jun-1-2015 11:10:16 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $64.59
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LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5 Black + Tools + Gift Blue Pen
$20.50 (7 Bids)
End Date: Sunday May-24-2015 8:39:08 PDT
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OEM White LCD Display+Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement for iPhone 5S
End Date: Sunday Jun-21-2015 13:26:10 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $35.99
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New Alienware Gaming Laptop Coupons Released – Save Up To $950

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(PRWEB) March 06, 2014

New Dell Alienware gaming notebook and desktop coupons have just been featured on Bizwaremagic.com, a well established site which runs an online Laptop Buyer’s Guide for its visitors and subscribers. Potential buyers can get up to $ 950 off these popular Alienware gaming systems simply by using the discount coupons provided on the 12 year old site.

Newly listed coupons include the following offers: save $ 300 on the Alienware 17 gaming laptop with 4th Generation Intel core i7, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 video card and 17.3-inch HD display for $ 2499; get $ 100 off the Alienware 18 gaming notebook with Intel Core i7, 8GB memory, Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5 video card for $ 1999 and save $ 100 on the Alienware 14 gaming laptop with 4th Gen Intel Core i7, 8GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1GB GDDR5 video card and 14-inch HD display for $ 1249.

In addition, potential buyers can save $ 950 on the high-performance Alienware Aurora gaming desktop and monitor bundle – with Intel Core i7, 16GB of memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics 4GB GDDR5 and the UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD monitor for $ 4998.99. All offers or discounts come with free shipping, but there may be some restrictions, so see the official Alienware site for complete terms and conditions.

Alienware, which was acquired by Dell in 2006, is often considered the leading brand when it comes to high-performance video gaming systems. While prices have dropped in recent years, many gamers still believe Alienware rigs are overpriced and too expensive. The brand has also faced fierce competition from other computer makers such as ASUS, MSI, Origin, Falcon Northwest and even from HP, which carries the Envy inspired gaming laptops.

As part of its ongoing Laptop Buyer’s Guide, the Bizwaremagic.com site provides potential laptop and computer buyers with helpful information and the latest discount coupons from many different computer manufacturers and retailers. Over the years, thousands have bought computer systems while taking advantage of these discount coupons, many of which have been exclusive to the online marketplace. Web pages and content are immediately updated as new coupons and offers are released to the buying public.

This particular updated Alienware Coupons/Discounts Page can be found here: http://www.bizwaremagic.com/alienware_coupons_discounts.htm. Bizwaremagic.com is a handy 12 year old site which features many free guides and resources. Interested parties can also download our comprehensive Laptop Guide here: http://www.laptopcomputerguide.org. All products/companies mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective owners and companies.

More Video Cards Press Releases

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Virtualizing Desktops and Apps with Windows Server 2012 R2 Inside Out

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Virtualizing Desktops and Apps with Windows Server 2012 R2 Inside Out

Conquer Windows Server 2012 R2 virtualization--from the inside out!
Dive into Windows Server 2012 R2 virtualization--and really put your systems expertise to work. Focusing on both virtual desktop infrastructure and virtualized applications, this supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, tips, and workarounds. Discover how the experts tackle Windows virtualization--and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Use virtualization to prevent business disr

List Price: $ 54.99 Price: $ 35.03

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 USB Web Camera For Laptop or Desktop

End Date: Saturday Jun-6-2015 8:38:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $10.00
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Dell Desktop Computer PC Microsoft Windows 7 Dual Core 2.8 GHz 2GB Fully Tested
End Date: Thursday May-28-2015 6:23:27 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $99.85
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Find More Microsoft Desktop Products

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Latest Dell Hardware auctions

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Dell hardware eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:


End Date: Wednesday May-27-2015 21:51:07 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $299.00
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Dell PowerEdge 4210R KIT Install/Installation Hardware for FAN Rack 2000 GJ189
End Date: Saturday Jun-6-2015 12:26:29 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99
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End Date: Tuesday Jun-2-2015 10:49:04 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $426.72
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Everbuying.com Announces Black Friday 2013 Deals on Consumer Electronics

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(PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Everbuying.com, one of the leading online retailers in the world, recently announced exciting deals on its website for Black Friday 2013. The online customers can avail discounts on a wide range of consumer electronics, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, watches, computers, memory cards, and many more products.

Black Friday has always been a huge occasion for shoppers as they get hot deals and exciting discounts on their favorite products and brands, but lining up in long queues to get what they want, has always been a pain for the shoppers. Everbuying.com recently announced exciting Black Friday 2013 offers on its website, through which, customers can buy their favorite products sitting at the comfort of their homes, and offices.

The website is currently offering as much as 47% discounts on smartphones, tablets, and Apple products. Customers can also purchase smart watches, computers, mouse, memory cards, networking devices and many other consumer electronics and save big money through the Black Friday deals currently being offered by Everbuying.com. The Black Friday sale ends on November 29, 2013.

Talking about the wide range of offering by Everbuying.com, the Director of Marketing was quoted as saying – With more than 100,000 diverse product lines for the international market encompassing the very latest in top-quality products, such as the latest in cheap Android cell phones, cheap Android tablets, cheap car DVD players, cheap LED lighting, all kinds of cool electronic gadgets, cheap dresses, affordable fashion wedding dresses, cos-play costumes, outdoor equipment, and many more great products.

The website also offers different payment and shipping options for the purchased products making the online buying experience even easier and comfortable. Elaborating more on this, the shipment head of the company said – As a leading global online retailer, we also offer affordable international shipping options, including free worldwide shipping, we provide every customer with easy access to our fantastic products no matter where they are based.

Everbuying.com also offers free repair of items if shipped to them within 3 months of purchase. Online customers can log on Everbuying.com to avail discounts on Android, and Apple products

About the Company

Everbuying.com is a leading online retail of a wide range of consumer electronics, women clothing and accessories and thousands of other products. All the products offered by the online retailer are as per the latest trends in American and European markets.

To know more about Everbuying.com, visit http://www.everbuying.com/.

Visit EverBuying Mobile apps http://www.everbuying.com/mobile.htm.

https://pinterest.com/everbuying/ Pin us on Pinterest.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Everbuying

Contact Information:

Mr. Max Li


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Guide To Microsoft® Servers (Arabic Edition) Reviews

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Guide To Microsoft® Servers (Arabic Edition)

Guide To Microsoft® Servers Arabic book, explain 4 Microsoft® servers in practical Chapter 1: Windows Server 2012 Chapter 2: Exchange Server 2013 Chapter 3:System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Chapter 4:System Center Operational Manager 2012 Step by step, with a lot of images, so you can read and see. E-mail : malajmi.27@outlook.com Phone : +968-95288652 Mohammed Khamis Al-Ajmi Best regards.

List Price: $ 60.00 Price: $ 51.94

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 OEM - CAL (1 Device)

  • This is one device Client Access License (CAL) for Windows Server. This is not a Windows Server License. You will need to purchase or own a Server License for use with this CAL
  • Every user or device accessing Windows Server requires a CAL
  • This licensing pack allows a single device to access Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2
  • Good for companies that have more users than devices
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - 1 Device CAL License

List Price: $ 49.00 Price: $ 31.99

Microsoft SQL Server 2000
$19.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 10:25:36 PDT
Bid now | Add to watch list
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard English 64 Bit Retail Version
$245.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-26-2015 12:34:42 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $325.00
Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list

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Waveshare BLE4.0 Bluetooth NRF51822 Module 2.4G Wireless Communication Module Mother Board Expansion Development Board Kit for Arduino

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Waveshare BLE4.0 Bluetooth NRF51822 Module 2.4G Wireless Communication Module Mother Board Expansion Development Board Kit for Arduino

  • Onboard battery holder, multi power supplies are available
  • All the IOs are accessible for easy expansion
  • Integrates CP2102 for debugging
  • LEDs and user keys, compatible with other official boards, easy to use
  • designed for BLE4.0 Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Module
Overview BLE400 is a mother board designed for BLE4.0 Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Module. BLE400 Features Onboard battery holder, multi power supplies are available All the IOs are accessible for easy expansion Integrates CP2102 for debugging LEDs and user keys, compatible with other official boards, easy to use

Price: $ 13.99

igloon 2 USB 3.0 A Type Female to Female 20 Pin Box Header Slot Adapter, Mother Board 20 pin Female to USB 3.0 Female Cable Adapter

  • Dual USB 3.0 to 20 Pin Header Slot Adapter
  • 20 Pin Female Head to 2 x A Type USB 3.0 Female
  • Make your computer work faster with this cable
  • Package Content : 1 x 20 pin to USB 3.0 Female cable adapter
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
igloon 2 USB 3.0 A Type Female to Female 20 Pin Box Header Slot Adapter, Mother Board 20 pin Female to USB 3.0 Female Cable Adapter

Price: $ 5.99

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iPhone 6S to be substantial upgrade, analyst predicts

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iPhone 6S to be substantial upgrade, analyst predicts
I just think this is where we are headed, be it laptop, tablet, phone or desktop it would be awesome if everything was on the same page. I'll admit, MS hasn't quite perfected it yet, but they are darn close to the idea. Separate your view of the UI and …
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BluePrint Healthcare IT's Award-Winning Care Coordination and Patient
Care Navigator™ Mobile App, Desktop Ribbon and Microsoft Dynamics Hub updates are available to customers now. New features include: Document Management: Care Navigator™ Dynamics Hub users have the ability to upload and view PDF documents, …
Read more on Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)

Interacting with HTPCs: Logitech and Perixx Options Reviewed
Content consumption using media-streaming set-top boxes (STBs) and home theater PCs (HTPCs) has seen an uptick in recent years. Even as 'cord-cutting' becomes more and more popular, STBs from service providers are also becoming quite interactive.
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